Come and date inetnet dating

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Crazy Blind Date, available for i Phone and Android, is all about immediacy, especially for those who find the endless back-and-forth messages typical of online dating to be a buzzkill.It’s a standalone app that works with preexisting Ok Cupid profiles, but daters don’t need an account to get started.

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The story begins after a Tinder date to Nando’s, and becomes interesting during wine and a Scientology documentary, as one would imagine it might.To all the single ladies (and single fellas) out there: time to get crazy.Online dating site Ok Cupid has launched a new blind date app, and it can hook you up in a hot minute.That means Ok Cupid might be the only online-dating service that defines a successful date as one that leads you to better dates with other people. The probability that any one date is the person you end up having a relationship with is unlikely.No happily-ever-after here, folks — at least not anytime soon. If you commit to going on one Crazy Blind Date a week for a year, you’re going to have 52 really interesting experiences.” Somewhere out there, someone has already started a blog to chronicle exactly that.

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