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One of the girls is heard calling her a 'cow' before kicking her in the face during the beating in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. Bloody vile scumbags x' One user added: 'Disgusting bullying rats!!!The pair, who are believed to be from Grimsby, are then seen taking it in turns booting the helpless youngster as she pleads: 'Can I go home? When one of the girls responded by saying: 'No, you f******' can't,' she said: 'When can I? 'Lincolnshire Police said they had launched an investigation and appealed for help in tracing the two attackers.,' to which they shouted back: 'When we're finished.'One of the girls then sarcastically responds 'Oh, she's crying.'The victim, who lives in Mablethorpe, is seen repeatedly trying to get back up on her feet, but is kicked back down every time. A spokeswoman for the force said: 'The victim is a 12-year-old Mablethorpe girl.The footage ends with the girl trying to escape by running down the country path before the laughing bullies give chase. No need for bullying especially two on one and not letting her go.'Never felt so much anger. Make sure these girls are seen for what they really are.'One outraged viewer replied: 'This has literally made me cry. Stephen Fry took the blame for the June 8 vote after recently returning to Britain, posting on Twitter: 'It's my fault. #sorry.'Meanwhile Dawn French labelled the Prime Minister an 'untruth teller' while singer Lily Allen joked her fans should vote for the rapper Stormzy.Last time I was in Britain a referendum gave us Brexit. Fellow comic Dawn French took aim at the Prime Minister's U-turn, calling her an 'untruth teller', after she had previously ruled out a snap election.Women cheat to fill the emotional void that’s empty after a man neglects her, or perhaps the sexual preferences in the marriage are just too different. Well, these 25 truthful reasons will reveal the real truth.

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The sickening video shows the young victim being taunted by the cruel girls - before being repeatedly kicked in the head as she cowers on the ground.

Yeah, just shut your damn eyes and say it all happened so fast! Men, on the other hand try covering it up by saying it didn’t happen. When a woman’s life’s not crackling with romantic and sexual electricity, they always think their relationship sucks. If her man’s not very clean and tidy, and she meets a coworker who’s a perfectionist when it comes to being clean and tidy, she’ll involuntarily be drawn to that trait.

Women say they don’t like vibrating, entertaining sex toys and dildos, but yet they want men to behave like one. Almost all women think they’re too good for their boyfriend. Women cheat for the dumbest of reasons, to prove a point, to get back at her man, to let him know she’s not getting enough attention, to get something they really want and more dumb reasons. So if a guy wants to lay a girl, all he has to do is show off a trait her boyfriend doesn’t have and she’ll diveboard into his bed.

She wrote on Twitter: 'YOUNGERS, the Conservatibes (sic) don't care about you. Musician AJ Tracey backed Mr Corbyn, writing: 'If you're a real g vote Labour' ting right about now.'Thick Of It writer Armando Iannucci called on young people to take part in the election, tweeting: '18-24 year olds.

Your future is in YOUR hands, but you HAVE to register to vote,' adding: 'just don't vote conservative.'Television presenter and ex-professional footballer Gary Lineker aired his doubts over Jeremy Corbyn's chances of triumph, saying the Labour leader only has a 'remote chance of winning. I beg you on my gnarled and brittle knees; register to vote, and then vote.

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