Dating fender tube amps by serial number part 5

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Several variations on the amp's original design have been produced through the years, including the Twin Reverb, the Super Twin, the Twin Reverb II, and the Twin Reverb '65 Reissue.

The Cyber Twin, which combined a tube amp with a digital processor, was introduced in January 2001.

The prevailing explanation is that production was temporarily interrupted during these months as they coincide with the debut of Fender's new "flagship" or top of the line amplifier, the Fender Vibrasonic-Amp. kept the image of the Twin-Amp before potential consumers during this short period.The Fender Twin Reverb is considered a standard model for players seeking a clean sound, and it is especially known for the quality of its built-in spring reverb.During this time the amplifier's output was rated at 85 watts into a 4-ohm speaker load.The circuit used is commonly known as the AB763 circuit.Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers use four output tubes, of the 6L6GC type.

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