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Ewan Mac Kenna reports from the ‘zonas’ of Belo Horizonte, where England will play their final group match According to the locals, it's the bar capital of the world, with more than 12,000 catering for the five million citizens of Brazil's third city.Others will recall Belo Horizonte as the scene of England's most humiliating football defeat, when a hearse driver and teacher from the US stunned the national team at the 1950 World Cup.As the woman potters about, she tells her story, a familiar narrative. And when people ask, we tell them we're prostitutes, although often they don't really believe us.Having become pregnant and seen the factory she worked in shut down, she took a job as a cleaner. In fact the worst part of it is probably that we have to pay 130 reais [£35] per day for a room each.At the same conference, Para Cleone, a former prostitute, added: "Of course I'm against this.

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In Fortaleza, a local prosecutor stated: "Foreign clients order underage prostitutes who are delivered directly by the hotels' pimps." Meanwhile, a massage house beside Congonhos airport is said to be offering a limousine service and hiring English speakers to improve service.But the family she worked for put pressure on, insisting they should adopt her child, and she felt she couldn't keep both job and baby, but neither could she go hungry. "I prostituted when my child was sleeping," she sighs. The owner makes the most money, so many girls rent an apartment so they make more, but for us that's too dangerous."But it was weird, lying there in a room as guys looked in your door before deciding. "We started by ourselves, nobody came to us and offered us," they say. We're not here because we like it, but it's a profession and we're not going to be grumpy and be treating people badly. So we prefer to pay." To reach the zonas, clients and workers alike must pass by the bouncer sitting on a bar stool on the side of the street, go through a metal detector and ascend flights of stairs; what awaits is a like a cross between a run-down prison and a hostel even the earthiest backpacker would turn away from. It was her boyfriend but violence isn't common; it's just that girls end up with bad guys like drug dealers." Many might wonder why women take such risks, but necessity trumps choice in a nation of close to 200 million.In downtown Belo Horizonte are 23 brothels, known locally as zonas.They are hidden up narrow staircases between shops in the grim city centre, a place so grey, in parts, that you could be in the old Soviet Union except for the scorching sun above.

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