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When Japanese telecom leader Do Co Mo introduced proto-emojis in 1999, they were a core feature of the company’s i-mode service, the nation’s first to bring the Internet to cellphones.In comparison to modern standards, the crude dot-matrix designs are something like digital versions of the primitive single-celled organisms that once emerged from the primordial ooze.(We have our own versions of these symbols, such as a light bulb appearing over a character’s head to indicate inspiration.) When Western design departments started tinkering with them, adding their own taste and flair, much of the Japaneseness of the designs was lost. The big thing in Japan now is Line, a wildly popular free messaging app that has some 58 million domestic users, though almost no profile abroad.Its key feature is users’ ability to send “stamps,” essentially mascots and cartoon characters, back and forth.

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emojis, even if their explosion in popularity among English speakers only dates to October 2011, when Apple’s i OS 5 update bestowed the little icons upon millions of i Phones. Lawyers have cited emojis as evidence in dramatic courtroom trials.President Obama gave emojis a shout-out on the White House lawn, while Russian government officials threatened to ban same-sex emoji couples.He ventures that when Obama mentioned emojis on the White House lawn, “I suspect most Japanese people’s response was, ‘wow, emoji are still popular over there!?’ ” Understanding the rise and fall of emojis in their homeland requires a little history.

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