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The Trans Am Depot team, readying the LS3 for a long life, pulled the engine prior to finishing the Goat and re-gapped the factory LS3 piston rings before buttoning up the engine.

They also added an “old school” hydraulic-roller camshaft from Comp Cams, along with a set of dual valve springs and Yella Terra 1.85:1 roller rockers to give the Judge the sound and power it deserves.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that only the door skins and roofline remain from the original donor car.

Everything else is brand new, including the front and rear bumpers, the front and rear quarters, the hood, the trunk, the spoiler, the rockers, the wheels, and the emblems.

It’s as much a GTO as it isn’t, but when you see it roll up, none of that really matters. We can thank the body men at Trans Am Depot for that.

Starting with nothing more than a series of renderings and a ’10 Camaro chassis, they sculpted nearly every panel of the Goat in house, blending fiberglass, sheetmetal, and ABS plastic to construct its body.

Lauderdale showroom is this awesome 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

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You see, the crew at Trans Am Depot, famous for their gorgeous Trans Am build program, didn’t simply set out to rebuild a classic on a new chassis.

You may even notice the flat wheelwell tops in both the front and rear quarters, a nod to the flat ’69 openings, which took a ton of work to perfect on the new chassis.

The rear quarters have also been widened, flattened, and extended to give the rear of the car a more pronounced stance (and to clear the large 315mm rear tires), which complement the large GTO front fascia.

Over all that slick bodywork are several coats of high-end BASF Onyx Tangerine Metallic Pearl paint, which blends the old school Carousel Red color we expect with a modern pearl, giving the 6T9 Goat a new-to-the-dealer-showroom look without forgetting where it all came from.

Details abound, with small touches appearing almost everywhere you look, a constant reminder of the history and pedigree on which this Goat is built.

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