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Short description of the roles: Lloyd Main character. Mexican Drug Lord (m)South American looking character (but doesn't have to be).

Someone who can go from a "Not a problem, I'll have something on your desk by tomorrow morning." and then to a "Do you take me for an idiot? both play a vital role in the story and will be voiced by the same voice actress. Project Description: I'm working on a small Virtual Reality game project. dl=0 I need several Voice Actors for the game and am posting here. However, being an advanced AI assitant, she is incredibly 2-dimensional usually defaulting to only 3 different emotions. Mary Liefde: "Why are you so intent on bringing up such painful memories? It's designed to be a psychological horror inspired from the Masterpiece Silent Hill 2 (though it's just being worked on by myself and would never come close to the level of genius behind such a classic). This is a paid project, it will eventually be marketed and sold and so I am more than willing to pay people who join the project a percentage of the revenue if it makes a profit or standard VA payments that can be negotiated. I've written the story, the scenes and spend the majority of my time working on this and treat it very seriously and so would hope those who apply also treat it seriously. the first one being bright and happy, the second being concerned and parental and the last one being emotionless and factual. These scene transitions from the Main Menu (The Garage) and then into a Dream Sequence (the Playground). " Bryan Grey: "They're the ones that keep me up at night... that borders on omniscience with her ability to see through traffic cameras, internet search abilities and any device connected to Wi-fi. Scenes: The Player is standing in the Abandoned Playground, as he takes his first steps forward, the player notices the roundabout to his left begins turning slowly as audio from the direction of the roundabout begins playing. is provided to assist the Male Voice Actor in matching the Tone of the setting.

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