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I first heard Kina Grannis in 2005 while browsing through You Tube's list of suggested videos.

Back then what intrigued me most, apart from her nascent talent, was the warmth and authenticity with which she addressed her viewers and her music.

I explain that our tour promoters had ensured us we did have the correct visas, and in the event that was not true, our contract with them clearly states it was their responsibility to secure the visas–not ours. Our names are on the documents, so they are holding us accountable.

They lock away our passports and open a criminal investigation.

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A lot of life has happened since the last album, and I've grown and learned a lot about myself and what's important to me.The gavel slams against the wooden table and I feel 3 months of sadness and fear and uncertainty clench in my chest and then, finally, release. She does not complain bitterly about the Indonesian government and its injustices, nor does she seem to hold any ill will against Indonesians in general, instead mentioning the many wonderful people they met who helped make their time here a little less unbearable.We walk outside and call our families with the news, tears and relief and disbelief painting our faces. At midnight on December 23rd, after being escorted through the airport by immigration officials, our passports are returned to us at our gate. In fact, Grannis’ post ends with a list of “25 Things I Learned From Being Trapped in Jakarta for 100 Days”, all positive points that include She even managed to channel the sadness and heartache from her ordeal into two songs she wrote while she was here, “California”, which you can listen to in the video above, and “For Now”, both of which you can download now from i Tunes.I meet lots of lovely people at the meet and greet afterwards. Then, out of nowhere, a group of Immigration officials walk onto the stage and confiscate our passports.They send us back to our hotel, no explanation given.

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