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After all, compiling such data is more difficult in basketball because the NBA lacks a centralized injury database like that of the NFL.“Can a player who works really hard on the rehab come back? They may be a step slower or lose an inch or two on their vertical.”Since the Achilles tendon plays such a key role in generating power in the lower leg, a ruptured Achilles is bad news for any athlete and even worse news for a superstar such as Bryant. Age was likely a factor, as tendons and ligaments typically lose water as they age, making them less elastic and thus more fragile.

An obvious additional factor may have been overuse, as Kobe had been playing a heavy dose of minutes throughout the season and even more so leading up to the injury.

The sole player who returned to form was Dominique Wilkins, who came back at age 32 to average 29.9 points per game.

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He is clearly at the wrong end of the aging curve.“In that study, they were a lot younger,” said Geier.

“In the NBA, you do not usually get up to his age, and there are not that many players who make it to that point in their career like he has.

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