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We decided to find this friend, and embark on the experience together. ” All the “what ifs” were answered the night I made acquaintances with DMT.

I was excited, but also extremely apprehensive: “What if it doesn’t work? Sitting outside, in my friend’s backyard with a fire pit in the middle of us, stars illuminating the evening sky, and the English psychedelic music project Shpongle playing in the background, I took a leap of faith and inhaled.

I closed my eyes as the effects began to take place…All that was corporeal vibrated away, and all that existed was the all that “is.” The “is” was alive, was everything, colors beyond the spectrum of imagination, and a sensation of love that I can only equate to what it must feel like to be back in the womb.

I entered a warm cosmic bath that embraced my soul, and reunited me with spirit.

It is up to you to transmute the darkness into light, to rise above the illusion of separateness, to be formless, and malleable to whatever conditions life throws your way.

It was as though I downloaded a whole different type of emotional, and mental programming that helped me to remember something I forgot. It was the long lost reunion with a type of gnosis that I felt as a child, but lost during the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

I first heard of DMT back in 2012, during a chaotic time in my life when I wasn’t sure if the world was ending, or beginning, if the apocalypse was on the horizon, or if we were on the precipice of merging into singularity.

Crazy, I know, but my anxiety was just a reflection of the rabbit hole of conspiracy I immersed myself in — something I did in order to numb the pain I was feeling with regards to the state of my affairs at that time.

From healthcare, finance and insurance companies to hardcore manufacturers, marketing executives across America have revealed what they want from print service providers (PSPs).

During my descent down the rabbit hole, I happened to stumble across a documentary on Netflix entitled , which helped introduce three little letters that would completely shift the shape of my life.

The documentary reignited an interest I had in the subject matter, because years prior, I was completely captivated by the story of a girl I went to high school with, Teresa Schroeder, who suffered from a snowboarding injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down when she was 21.

I knew ayahuasca would be something I would experience in the future, but first, I had to try DMT.

[Note: DMT is the main psychoactive ingredient in the ayahuasca medicine brew.] I wasn’t sure how, why, or when it would happen but I knew I needed a miracle of my own, to help my emotional paralysis.

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