Man who bullies and is intimidating

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With exactly the same information, when it’s a woman, success is the result of the task being so easy anyone could have done it or luck.

And both men and women elect those different explanations. In practice, token individuals often break from the pressure.

When she is betrayed, the target ruminates (for way too long) about the inexplicable turnaround, searching for a rational explanation.

It doesn’t matter, it just happened because the bully wanted it to.

May 20th, 2009 Six explanations from us for why women bully other women at work.

Solidarity of the sisterhood is a myth and stereotype. Workplace environment factors are better predictors than gender.

Women are natural tokens in male-dominated domains, like business.

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Self-identity can be almost entirely dependent on how others appear and how they are judged by others.First, it is gender bias in the causal attribution process.Causal attribution is simply showing a preference for explaining things that happen.Wanting to be like someone else gives away too much personal control over one’s own life and choices made.Second, the skill of paying attention since childhood determines the adult woman’s perceptual field. More information is gleaned from cultivating relationships with women. Feminist writers claim that women grow up accustomed to having their personal boundaries invaded and thus learn to treat other women that same way.

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