Minister dating

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This survey showed two things: Like other people, pastors are tempted while online and many of them have not taken the most basic steps to remove this temptation from their lives.

Online pornography is a particularly difficult temptation because of its accessibility, affordability, and anonymity.

While we are to revere our leader in his office, we need to avoid placing him on a pedestal from which he cannot escape.

True, deep, and abiding friendships for the pastor, his spouse, and their children will be one of the greatest services we can offer.

Filtering/accountability software A 2001 Leadership Journal survey of its readership found that 43 percent of pastors had viewed Internet pornography at least once, and 36 percent within the previous year.

The survey also showed only one in four pastors had an accountability relationship and only one in five used filtered Internet access.

This is not to say that we should choose as our spiritual leader an ethical or moral implosion waiting to happen.Prayer partner One real difficulty for pastors can be summed up in this question: Who serves as confessor for the confessor?A pastor is trained and equipped to serve his congregation in a variety of ways, but he is not always able to find someone to minister to him in the same way.own family is a juggling act few lay people will ever fully understand or appreciate.Unfortunately, tremendous stress and temptation often accompanies such awesome responsibility.

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