Ohio state speed dating

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day of Ohio State orientation and in honor of this 8th day, I will share with you the 8 ways your first year is like falling in love. The Butterflies When first falling in love you may feel anxious, nervous and excited — what we commonly refer to as experiencing “the butterflies.” These butterflies are the similar to the feelings that students have before they enter their first year of college.Many students begin to feel anxious and excited as they think about their classes, their roommates or simply adjusting to a new lifestyle, unlike anything they have ever known before. However, I encourage you to approach your first year with an open mind and to experience the new things available to you. Speed Dating Falling in love requires finding the right person.Just like a date, your first year offers many dining options at the university.Some of my favorites include the Ohio Union, Kennedy Commons, Fresh Express and Mirror Lake Creamery (voted the best “cheap date” location on campus)! The Honeymoon Phase The honeymoon phase includes the early stages of a relationship when everything feels exciting and new.In fact, most of the arena became a Tech Point billboard, with the ribbon of video screens encircling the arena all touting Tailwind messages. 63, the CEO of Indianapolis-based Springbuk Inc., Rod Reasen, and account executive Lauren Howard, waited for the “dates” to arrive.“This should be an excellent event for us,” said Reasen, whose health data analytics and software firm snapped up 450 customers since January 2015.

Your First Date When going on your first date, one of the biggest decisions is deciding where to eat.

A Kauffman Foundation study last year found that the region lagged behind other parts of the country in relationships between scale-up tech firms and established Indiana companies that could use their products.

“Nobody’s really focused on this cadre of companies,” Mike Langellier, president and CEO of Tech Point, said of firms at the scale-up stage, those that have evolved beyond startups and have a critical mass of revenue.

This “leap of faith” toward your newfound love (Ohio State, of course! When falling in love, you may search for “the one” or the person who is the right fit.

This involves trying new things and learning about different people, similar to the Involvement Fair, which is held on the Oval on the first Sunday of Welcome Week.

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