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Craigieburn Valley Ski Area, located in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where the ups are good, and the downs are even better.

Steep narrow chutes, wide open powder bowls, un-crowded runs or just a place to take it easy in the awesome vista of the Craigieburn Range.

Police cannot conduct an internal body search (other than inside the mouth).

Internal searches must be done by a doctor and only with the individual's permission.

What we do offer is a friendly club atmosphere and an environmentally responsible approach to skiing and snowboarding.

It’s more like a fully serviced backcountry experience, where you will enjoy a quality day of recreation rather than racking up vertical metres with the hoards.

If police wish to conduct a strip search in circumstances that do not involve drugs or firearms, they must have a warrant or have made an arrest and had reasonable grounds to do so.

As a parent, you can be prosecuted for not ensuring your child attends school regularly, and the District Truancy Service may become involved if your child is persistently absent from school.

If Carl and Dana are approached by police during school hours, they must give their names, addresses and dates of birth.

If they have a good reason for not being at school they should say so.

If you are an advanced or expert rider then Craigieburn is your holy grail.

A warning to the uninitiated – you will not find any chairlifts, gondolas, grooming, snow-making, golf courses, day spas or fine dining here.

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