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Driving south on 18th St from Millers Ln, the west side of the street was primarily residential. Robbins operated an auto body shop in the garage at his residence.

On the east side of 18th St was the Ranch House which opened in the mid-50’s and was a favorite drive-in for teenagers along with the A&W Root Beer stand further south.

There is a legend that in the 40’s, periodic impromptu on footraces occurred on Dixie Hwy from Schreck’s Barbeque, to the Garrs Lane intersection.South of the restaurant was the site of the Shively Fire Station (which moved to Park Rd in the 50’s).Other historical tenants at this site were Reiger Pharmacy and, later, the original location of George’s Gun Shop.Continuing south at Leroy Ave in the 40’s was Eicher Nursery.Sometime in the mid-50’s, Krispy Kreme came to occupy this site and continues to the present to turn out delectable donuts.

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