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In fact, Mora always substitutes animals for humans. Thus it is a puma who receives a horse's kick (18); his jaw swells up so greatly that it is mistaken for mumps, and he has to miss a lawn party for which he has had a date with Miss Reynard! I am surprised that neither I nor Bodemann had heard of this edition.

For the first time, I see made into a fable the episode from the life of Aesop on drinking up the ocean (34). Some searching on the web found a copy with binding similar to ours selling for 120.

1900 Fabelbuch: Eine Auswahl deutscher Fabeldichtungen. Eingeleitet und in geschichtlicher Anordnung zusammengestellt von Julius Ziehen. Leipzig/Dresden/Berlin: Deutsche Schul-Ausgaben #33: L. The usual suspects follow in order: Hagedorn, Gleim, von Keist, Gellert, Pfeffel, Lichtwer, Claudius, Willamow, Goethe, and Frhlich. Gellert has thirteen, Lichtwer nine, and Hagedorn eight. I could not read the introduction carefully, but Ziehen has clear issues with La Fontaine's approach to fable-writing. Mora writes a moving introduction on his loss of the dream-like contact with Animaldom that he cherished in his youth.

For a hundred-year-old book, this compact little volume is in very good shape! There follow one hundred fables in a very regular pattern of a prose text embellished with figures on the left page and a full-page black-and-white (and sometimes colored) illustration on the right.

from Michael Weinberg, Pelham, MA, through Ebay, Oct., '01.

This volume is generally in poorer condition and lacks the slip-sheet between frontispiece and title-page. Further parts of the book present contes and anecdotes.

After spending 0 for a third printing and then for a second, I have worked my way back to a first printing for much less money. " printing, I thought that the best of the illustrations were "Death and the Woodman" (56), "The Council Held by the Rats" (62), "The Rat and the Oyster" (114, the best of all), and "The Rats and the Weasels" (198). at the Ballantyne Press," this has "Copyright by John Lane 1899" and "Riggs Printing Co., Albany, N.

That edition follows 202 with an advertisement for the companion volume of Aesop, on the verso of which are press notices for the advertised volume. While all the texts are in Arabic and only in Arabic, all of the title-page and introductory material and notes are in French.

The dissatisfied buck is polishing his antlers in a hedge when they get caught (50). The latter include a frame around each page, an introductory illustration for each fable and an endpiece for every fable.

The story about a mule reflecting on its parentage changes when it is a woman working at a swell job and standing before her mirror (76)! This stork serves up his meal in "long-necked jars that were fastened to the floor" (124). A beautiful book in very good condition, "scarce in dust jacket" as Midway's note proclaims. The smaller endpieces are sometimes more revealing and evocative than the introductory illustrations.

It has also been colored lightly, even nicely, with one color on a number of illustrations. Did the artist plan to come back with other colors? There is an extensive dictionary just before the T of C. The first third of this 81-page book is taken up with an introduction. 0 from Page Books, Kingston, AR, by mail, Oct., '98.

See my comments on that volume and on the editions I list under "1900/10? Here is an out-of-the-way member of the collection! As the closing T of C shows, we turn first to Lessing's verse fables and then to his prose fables. I have been looking hard for this book since Ash and Higton featured it in their 1990 Aesop's Fables: A Classic Illustrated Edition." It now proves to be worth the hunting!

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