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That's right, my sweet kittens, according to uk, "ghosting" and the verb "to ghost" are now in the legit A bunch of other internet-y, millennial words have also been added to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, including "safe space" (because we need safe spaces TO BE OURSELVES), "binge-watch" (because what else do you do on the weekends?) and "shade" (which annoys me because us gays have been throwing "shade" at bitches for over a decade and no one added it to the dictionary then).The great thing is, you both should know that you’re here for the benefits more than the relationship.

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by Caroline Phinney Cuffing season is that dreaded period of time between late fall and mid May where everything becomes frigid and dark and people are actively looking for someone to spend their miserable time with.

Commitmentphobes, don’t panic, this is the best stage for you.

You can be “talking” to as many potential catches as you want.

You did it, you made it out of the dreaded bullshit.

Boo couldn’t imagine you with anyone else so they made you officially theirs.

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