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You can control the number of lock attempts or the length of time a lock is attempted with SET REPROCESS.

The following example opens the table for shared access and uses FLOCK( ) to attempt to lock the table.

If the table is successfully locked, REPLACE ALL updates every record in the table. If the file cannot be locked because another user has locked the file or a record in the file, a message is displayed.

SET EXCLUSIVE OFF SET REPROCESS TO 0 USE customer && Open table shared IF FLOCK() REPLACE ALL contact ; && Replace and unlock WITH UPPER(contact) UNLOCK ELSE && Output message WAIT "File in use by another." WINDOW NOWAIT ENDIF After you establish a record or file lock and complete a data operation in a shared environment, you should release the lock as soon as possible. In some cases, simply moving to the next record is enough to unlock the data. To unlock a record that's been automatically locked, you need only move the record pointer, even if you set MULTILOCKS ON.

Transaction basics A transaction is a sequence of data modifications that is performed as a single logical unit of work.

Some Visual Fox Pro commands lock an entire table while others only lock a table header.This benefit comes with a learning curve, as SQL Server handles transactions differently than VFP does.SQL Server provides a much greater level of control over how transactions occur.If you're editing fields from records in related tables, the related records are locked if possible.The lock attempt fails if the current record or any of the related records are also locked by another user.

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